Betting on Sports From Scratch: 10 Tips for Beginner Bettors

Want to bet on sports online, but don’t know where to start? In 2021, there’s nothing difficult about it. Just choose a reliable entreprise de paris sportif, register and verify your identity, arm yourself with our betting tips for beginners, and go! 

1. Decide Why You Want to Bet

You must understand exactly what your goal is. Is betting a way for you to make money regularly or to get the occasional “bonus” by cheering on your favorite team on the weekends. If the former, then you must treat it as a business. Namely: set your bank (the amount of money allocated for betting), choose a game strategy and follow it (maximum and average bet size, the average number of bets, etc.), constantly follow the events on which you bet, read about bets and communicate with other players. If betting is only a weekend pastime for you, then this article is no further reading. The only advice, in that case, is not to bet too much.

2. Bet Only in Large Offices

Bookies are something similar to banks. Here, in most cases, the principle also works: the bigger, the more reliable. Big bookmakers, as a rule, have a history and value their reputation. On the other hand, fly-by-night operators do not need to close one day and pocket your money. So don’t reinvent the wheel, use the services of trusted institutions. Don’t be fooled by dubious bookmakers who offer attractive odds. 

3. Forget the Word “Infallible”

Often beginners operate with the term “infallible”. Thus, they mean full confidence in the victory of one of the teams or bet on the deliberate favorite. Both of these statements do not tolerate any criticism. The most important thing – you can not be 100% sure of anything in betting, as in life. It is a very big mistake when a person in selecting a bet relies only on the odds. Remember that they (odds), as a rule, reflect only the general balance of power. They are abstracted from your strategy, both financial and gambling. Think about whether you need such a bet? What is its odds/probability ratio? In addition, as a rule, it is a bet on the favorite for paltry odds, such as 1.10 or 1.40. Such bets will not do any good, more details in the next point.

4. Forget About Betting on Favorites With Odds That Are Too Low

Sad as it is, but the most popular bets in bookmakers’ offices are the net victories of favorites. These very favorites, of course, most often win, but sometimes have a habit of drawing or losing. The player who bet on them (favorites), such a loss is very expensive. For example, you are a novice player. You love soccer and decided to bet on the victory of Barcelona over a midfielder or an outsider for 1.20. “Barça draws, and your bet flies through. You bet 1,000 roubles. And now, to win it back, you need, at least, to win five bets in a row with the same odds. But if your revenge is interrupted on the third match, you will go deep into deficit. Thus, is betting on favorites a dead end? Not at all, but you should bet for sane odds. For example, try to play their minus, total or dry victory.

5. Forget About “Steamroller”

Even someone who just started playing in a betting shop knows the word parlay. It is a chain of events, the odds of which are multiplied between them. But if at least one event fails, the entire bet loses. So, parlays are not absolute evil. Betting a parlay of two events at 1.80 each is not so bad. The risk is moderate and the winnings will be significant. But it takes experience and knowledge to correctly select such events. As a rule, beginners fall into the other extreme, they make “double bets” – expresses with odds of 50, 100, or 200. The player is enticed by the possible winnings, and he forgets about the probability of the outcome, turning the bookmaker’s game into a lottery. As a result, such a player has a pile of parlays, spends the lion’s share of the bank, and as a pity, only a few events failed in each “parlay”.

6. Never Change the Intended Strategy

You must set yourself a bank (the amount allocated to bets). Determine how much of the bank will take up one bet. It is better than this amount does not exceed 3% for a single bet. Decide on a gaming strategy – the ratio of single bets and reasonable parlays. Plan for yourself at least an approximate number of bets that you can make in a week. This number should be adequate so that each bet is thoughtful and balanced. The day when you deviate from the planned strategy without a good reason will be the beginning of the collapse. Most important: Never change the maximum percentage of the pot for a single bet by more than a few points. It’s only in Hollywood movies that the good guys win the jackpot by betting the whole pot.

7. Avoid Tilt, Feel Lucky

Every player has a period when everything goes down. Betting on any event ends in winning, and you feel like the king of the world. In that case, you need to keep betting in your current mode. As long as a “white” streak is going on, follow it.
But as soon as you lose several bets in a row, stop. Take a break, don’t bet for a few days, have fun, and don’t think about bookmakers and odds. When you rest, then you can resume the game, otherwise, you will fall into tilt.
Tilt is a poker term that refers to a player’s negative psychological state, simply called “stalling. In this state, you act emotionally without realizing the possible consequences. In betting, this translates, as a rule, into losing the pot in a short period. You lose one bet after another, try to win back, increase the amount and in the end become bankrupt.

8. Bet Only on What You Know

Do not be a cheat, do not bet on everything in a row. Choose a specialization of sports and specific leagues and follow it steadily. Betting from nothing to do on the Singapore Football Championship, you play on someone else’s turf and thus feed the bookie. To bet, you need to be familiar with the championship standings, statistics of the last matches of the opponents, the dynamics of their performance during the season. Be patient, wait for the matches you are ready for, and understand. As much as possible try to watch the championship matches, which you lead, on TV or the Internet.

9. Avoid Betting With a Mental Attitude

 This point can be called another way – do not bet on your favorite and hated teams. Very often inexperienced players forget that they came into the world of betting to make money, not to cheer for or against. As a consequence, the belief in the team, for which you root since childhood, involuntarily makes you make a rash bet on it. Very often such a bet is a direct way to lose. The same goes for teams you hate. Betting has nothing to do with cheering.

10. Life Doesn’t End With Betting

Remember, bets are important, of course, but they are only bets. No matter how much you lose or win, life doesn’t end there. You have friends and family, spend more time with them. Don’t sacrifice one for the other and combine them wisely.

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