DOWNLOAD: Labarina Season 4 Episode 3

Labarina Series Season 4 Episode 3

Arewa24 Station is now filming Labarina, one of the most popular Hausa series films. Many consider it to be the best Hausa Series film ever made.

The film is directed by “AMINU SAIRA,” a prominent Hausa film director.

Many well-known Kannywood actors and actresses appeared in the series. Nuhu Abdullahi, also known as “Mahmud,” and Nafisa Abdullahi, also known as “Sumayyah,” are two of the most significant actors and actresses in the series.

It also stars Rabiu Rikadawa and a slew of other notable Kannywood stars. AMMASCO LUBRICANT is the film’s sponsor.

It is broadcast weekly on the AREWA 24 channel on Monday nights. It’s also accessible for live streaming and download on YouTube.

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Download, watch and enjoy Labarina Season 4 Episode 3 now!




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