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Instagram blogger cutie julls has revealed how Paul Okoye, Rudeboy allegedly beats and disrespects his wife Anita Okoye in their matrimonial home.

According to the blogger, Paul Okoye, Rudeboy does whatever he wants and his wife Anita dares not say anything to him and he doesn’t even care about how his wife feels with all that.

Per the post of the blogger, Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has been beating his wife Anita and disrespecting her anyhow and though she has reported it to his senior brother Jude Okoye, he isn’t doing anything about it because he’s just like Rudeboy.

Netizens reacting to the allegations confirmed the fact that Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has been disrespecting Anita among some other things as some reveals he even has a love child he has abandoned.

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Screenshot below;

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