Kizz Daniel Takes Over The Top 5 Most Streamed Afrobeats Songs On Audiomack With His Songs

The most underrated Nigerian singer and songwriter Kizz Daniel has once again proven to be part of the best as he takes over the top 5 most streamed afrobeat songs on Audiomack for the week with his EP Barnabas.

Kizz Daniel released his EP Barnabas a couple of days ago and it has set a record for him by taking over the top 5 most streamed songs on Audiomack the week it was released and that shows how much fan loves him.

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We stand to be corrected but we think this is the first time an artist has taken over the top 5 most streamed songs on Audiomack with his EP or album which was released just a few weeks ago and Kizz Daniel has just made history with that.

Kizz Daniel appreciated his fans and all those who love his music for making history with him by taking over the top most streamed songs on Audiomack asking them to use the same energy on all other music platforms for all the weeks.

Kizz Daniel is one of the best singer and songwriters in Nigeria and unfortunately the most underrated one as well but has been winning in his own little way and this is just a confirmation that he is good and gives his fans nothing but the best and that is why it takes long for him to release a song because it always turns out to be good and lovable.

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