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This is a sponsored post…

Do you know that while you sit at home scrolling down your Facebook and Instagram feeds your mates are making a lot of money from the same platform? The good part is that 90% of them started with absolutely nothing. So what is your excuse?

Another interesting part is that it does not cost anything to start selling online. You can sell anything possible to countless millions of potential customers.

There are lots of people selling stuff online with nothing to show for it. All they do is open Facebook and Instagram pages, post product photos or videos, run aimless adverts every day with no sales. You will end up like these people if you don’t know the secret…And that’s why you are here: To learn the secrets.

My sister sells everything imaginable – From kitchen utensils to shoes, wears, watches, perfumes, light bulbs, phones, electric stabilizers, television, hair attachments etc…She sells everything! She doesn’t just sell, she makes plenty of money from this. She can decide to sell something as little as USB Flash drives and make 100k from it in 10 days.

She started by selling men’s slippers on WhatsApp by uploading her product to her status but her sales were limited to her contact. Then she moved to Facebook and Instagram doing what everyone else does – run adverts and fold arms hoping people will jump on her products. She was getting just one or two orders weekly. She has a shoemaker on her street that makes cheap beautiful perm slippers. She would visit his shop, take fine photos of his works and put them on her status. Once she has an order, she would go back to the shop to buy and send to her customers.

So I gave her an idea, I mentored her and gave her steps to take. Now my sister is the only one the shoemaker works for. He had to employ four more shoemakers as the weekly order became mind-blowing. Soon he started supplying her 40 leather slippers weekly. She would buy them at 2k or 3k depending on the type and sell for as much as 5k, 6k, 7k. She was making up to 100k weekly with absolutely no capital by selling someone else’s products. Soon sister Oyin started selling watches, electronics and whatever your head can think of without owning one product or having any physical store.

Sister Oyin introduced a few friends to me and asked that I teach and mentor them. Now they are making several hundreds of thousands weekly selling other people’s products with zero stress. They don’t even get involved in the delivery. They only snap photos of other people’s goods, put them on social media using my secret, get the order, get the delivery man to deliver, and that’s all. Two of them had to resign from their jobs as they are already making more than thrice their salary. I wasn’t even selling anything myself while they made all the money….But when I started, you can imagine how much I have made so far.

Okay, enough of the story. Let’s go straight to the point. I feel the need to help as many Nigerians as I can hence my reason for coming here.

I have written a very short, comprehensive and easy to understand step-by-step manual on how to start this business without having five Naira in your hand, pocket or bank account. The manual is in MS Word and PDF format.

I will teach you the following:

· How to determine what to sell. (The products that move the market)

· How to get the products from the market and seal a deal with the seller.

· How to get an engaging Facebook and Instagram Pages.

· How to post your products on Facebook and Instagram to make them appealing to potential customers.

· How to run catchy and cheap adverts that will reach millions of people.

· How to get people to engage with your post/advert and make them want to buy

· How to convert advert reach to sales.

· How to get sales and deliver the goods successfully without your effort.

· How not to end up like people wasting money creating adverts that do not lead to sales.

· And ultimately MY SECRET to selling tens of items to several countless potential customers weekly.

This golden, full of info manual is sold for only 2k. Yes, you read it right. Just Two Thousand Naira Only. This 2k will change your life forever. It would be the best-spent 2k of your life. I am not going to send the manual to you and leave you alone, Never! I would mentor you, stand by you till you start selling and making money. I will not let you go until you succeed. I will give you my WhatsApp number, you can chat with me anytime and ask anything and I will ALWAYS be available to reply to your messages.

To order for the manual, send 2,000 Naira to the following bank account and send your Name, Email address and phone number to this number as a WhatsApp message or text message: 08157827328. I will send the manual to your email and WhatsApp after confirming your payment. I will also assign you a customer number for mentorship which you can use to chat and ask me questions at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer is valid till Oct 9th, 2020. The manual will be sold for 5k from 10th October.

Pay into this account

Account Number: 0217967252

Account Name: La Tellisco Enterprises

Bank GTBank.

See you at the top!


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