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According to a report, he was killed by the Lagos State Police Task Force because he was mistakenly identified as an Internet scammer. After killing the young hustler, the policemen found out he was a young bricklayer going out to hustle for the day.

In the video shared by the eyewitness, a group of eyewitnesses, are seen telling the policemen that the young guy wasn’t a Yahoo boy but a bricklayer going out to hustle. The body of deceased is seen lying in a car, which seems to be a Toyota Sienna.

Another eyewitness (name withheld as instructed) explained: “On my way to work I saw dis convoy of youth with the dead guy in the car and dey double cross the Lagos state task for challenging them over the death of there friend stating he was on his way to work and they killed him, they brought out his bag with his working materials killed by the task force so they went to oshodi tollgate expressway try to block the road laying is corpse on the road.

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Other photos below….

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