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Remove Our Father’s Name From your shirts or face the consequences – Femi Kuti warns APC

Afro beat veteran singer and son of the legendary musician, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti, has issued a warning to the ruling All Progressive Congress from using Fela Kuti’s name in its merchandise.

The ruling All Progressive Congress(APC) took to their Twitter page to share photos of its newly released merchandise which had the name and quote from Fela Kuti.

Femi, upon seeing the shirts took to his twitter page to warn the APC to seek the authority from the family before they use his name.

His tweet read: ‘I have seen the tweet by @APCNigeria and confirm that use of Fela’s name on the T shirts bearing the name “JAGABAN”  was never authorized. The family owns the trademark and the use constitutes an infringement and disregard of our legal rights.  The user is advised to cease and desist and also to immediately delete this tweet. The family does not align with any political party in Nigeria or beyond. We are carefully assessing the situation and failure to comply with this demand will leave us with no other option but to explore any legal options that are available to us.

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The post sparked some reactions from fans as they slid under the post and commented. Below are some comments:

@idifu: Fela no be terrorist Al~Qaeda peoples congress(APC ) Stop d nonsense now before Ogun punish una

@omowunmib168:Hi Daddy Femi kuti, I’m greeting you Sir

@Abib615: He is not doing giveaway Na @OfficialAPCNg he dey drag4143Show replies

@BelieveGod_1: You should have allowed them to first print it in large quantity. So Tinubu’s stolen money would be reducing

@oliessylva: Very soon you will hear from APC propagandists how Femi came to Aso Rock with two contractors begging for his father’s name to be associated with APC.

@Kolawoleolukunl: It is unfortunate we were “contrapted” in Nigeria people who claimed to be lesser than a cow then. This is not India where some worship cattle we eat beef and mutton like chicken and or God given soulless living things.


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