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Tb Joshua'S Death Means Victory, He Was Fake - Ugandan Pastor Says

A Ugandan pastor, Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church has celebrated the death of TB Joshua calling him a fake pastor claiming his death is a victory.

The pastor speaking to his church members claimed that the death of pastor TB Joshua means victory to all because he was fake and destroyed the lives of thousands and was also the biggest witch in Africa.

The Ugandan pastor urged his congregation to jubilate over the death of TB Joshua saying just as he said once, God will take away all the fake pastors and the death of TB Joshua means victory to all and since he was a fake pastor and the biggest witch in Africa, they have to celebrate his death.

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A lot of people have sparked some great controversy ever since the death of TB Joshua went viral on social media with some criticizing him over the damages he did to others while alive and others talking about the good deeds he did while alive.

Today, this video of the Ugandan pastor celebrating the death of TB Joshua has caused more havoc as some netizens and church members of TB Joshua disagree with him saying he has forgotten that death is appointed on every man hence he will also die.

Others tried defending TB Joshua saying when people don’t understand the miracles he makes they call it fake and that is why this Ugandan pastor is calling him fake and accusing him of being the biggest witch in Africa.

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Video below;


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