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Tinubu Won’t Survive The Heat Of The 2023 Presidency - Primate Ayodele

According to Elijah Ayodele, Tinubu is being deceived by the people around him to contest for president.

Primate Ayodele made this revelation in a chat with Daily Post where he warned the politicians to stay alert and cautious.

He said: “Let Atiku go and rest while Tinubu should consult God for him to survive till that time in good health.

“Tinubu is very desperate to become Nigeria’s president at all cost, he should be conscious of his health implications and should be aware that he has to seek the face of God if he wants to further because so many things are going to happen in the process. Tinubu is risking his life for opting to run in the next election. PDP may break because of Atiku.

“These two people; Atiku should go and take his rest and Tinubu is risking his life, he will be molested, embarrassed.

“I tell you they will drag Tinubu the way they dragged Abiola, he has not done what is right for him to contest for 2023 presidency.

“Some people are just hailing him but he will goof in so many ways. He is a good man to rule Nigeria but not divinely nominated. He is being deceived.


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