Why I married Afeez Owo – Mide Martins reveals

The popular Nollywood actress, Mide Funmi Martins has opened up on her marriage and love life during an interview.

Mide Funmi Martins, the daughter of late Yoruba movie star Funmi Martins who is married to her late’ mother’s manager, Afeez Abiodun explained why she chose to settle on him as her partner for life.

According to Mide Martins, she at first turned down Afeez’s proposal months before thinking it out and accepting him.

She said,

Of course, it sounded strange when he initially came up with that idea, I asked him if he was okay. I did not even think it would be possible because I saw him like my brother, and we were very close. Initially, I told him it was not possible for us to become lovers but with time, I saw some qualities in him which I admired.

Mide further revealed that she looked out for some qualities that she got in Afeez and that was important to her than how he looked or rich he was.

He proved to be a reliable person. He is faithful, caring, and has a good heart plus the fact that he is very easy-going. All of these appealed to me and I reasoned that I should give him a chance in my life.

Mide Martins also threw a word of advice to all single women wanting to get married.

It is good to be patient because not all that glitters is gold. My marriage has been a success because I practiced patience. When we started, things were not as smooth as I wanted it to be but I was patient with him. We had our good and bad times but it’s necessary that you remain calm during the bad times.

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