The South African public has been wonderful supporters of all kinds of sports. This is evident in the flourishing sports industry in the country. The public explores their sports experience and speculation by delving into online sports betting. For the first time in 2008, online sports betting was made legal in the Nation. Today, there are a lot of local and international betting platforms in the country’s betting industry. The sports wagering platforms are numerous, and you get confused about which one to jump on. This is why, in this article, we will mention some top sports betting platforms and explore them.

Top 5 Online Betting Sites in S.A. With Top Bookmaker Line

Top 5 Online Betting Sites in S.A. With Top Bookmaker Line

Players can intuitively find a litany of sports platforms in the South African betting industry. Before jumping on any platform to wager on, ensure you do your research and know the platform’s legality. Here, we will look at the top 5 online betting platforms in South Africa.

  • Hollywoodbets
  • Betway
  • Easybet
  • Bet. Co.Za
  • Yesplay


Regarding online betting, Hollywoodbets sets the standards for other platforms. Known for its credibility, the Hollywoodbets platform offers players gaming features that make the gaming experience easier for players. The platform has gone from strength to strength with its bonus and promotion packages. Another feature that makes the platform an excellent choice is its involvement in the biggest sporting games, such as the Premier League and La Liga. This has undoubtedly made the platform one of the best for playing your favorite games. you can check Hollywood app to research in detail on this bookie.

s/n Pros 
1 Legal and reliable platform
2 Excellent game library
3 Excellent desktop and mobile app
4 Most visible brand
5 Amazing Bonus packages


Hollywoodbets Mobile App

Having looked at some of the platforms with the best bookmarker in the South African gaming industry, let’s dive into the unique features of the Hollywoodbets mobile application. Hollywoodbets’ mobile app is the best bookmarker line for providing players with betting options. On the Hollywoodbets mobile app, there is something for every player.

One of the significant reasons you should use a Hollywood Bets mobile application is its excellent bonus feature. The game features a bonus package for everyone, whether you are a new member or a loyal player. New players get a bonus of R25 after registering on the mobile app. There is also the refer-a-friend bonus, where you get a free R50 for referring a friend to the mobile application. Also, each game offers special bonuses to players. These and more are rare on other platforms, making Hollywoodbets an excellent player option. 

Hollywoodbets Sports Market

This bookmaker undoubtedly has one of the best bookmaker lines in the S. iGaming space. There are several sports available on Hollywoodbets, including:

  • Football,
  • Tennis, 
  • Cricket, 
  • Rugby, 
  • Basketball


Betway is another betting platform with excellent game features. The platform features a mobile application that enhances comfortable gaming. Betway is known for its reliability and innovation, updating its features to make the gaming experience intuitive for players. The Betway site and mobile application stand in the league of the best bookies in South Africa.

s/n Pros
1 Excellent speed on-site
2 A large library of casino and sports games
3 It features plenty of promotions on-site



Easybet is one of the platforms in South Africa with a user-friendly interface. Even if you are new to gambling, you can easily navigate the Easybet platform. The site features several promotions. 

s/n Pros
1 The mobile app is easy to install
2 It features a platform that players can navigate easily
3 Great speed online


Bet. Co.Za

Bet. Co.Za is one of South Africa’s best online gaming platforms. Bet. Co.Za is a reliable platform, and it is known for its innovation. Another advantage of playing on this platform is that your security is guaranteed. 

Pros  Pros
1 A wide spectrum of betting options
2 Multiple safe payment methods
3 Low wagering requirement



Yesplay is another amazing betting platform known for its large variety of lotto and live games. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for gamblers, even if you are new to betting.

s/n Pros
1 A good number of bonus features
2 Availability of casinos, lotteries, and sports betting
3 24/7 live lucky numbers draws



The South African gaming industry has many gaming platforms with varying features that interest players. You can always find a platform that suits your taste. However, some platforms have an edge over the others. One such platform is Hollywoodbets. Hollywoodbets is a user-friendly mobile application with unique features. From player security to mouth-watering bonuses, you are to a rewarding and exciting gaming experience.

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